Thursday, 15 December 2016

Since winter is now coming in full swing, it might be a weird idea to even think about picnics, but hey it's always good to be early and I definitely can't wait for the weather to get better again. I can't wait for next year and a new spring time and summer coming along! So why not pass the time with making plans and preparing for the sunny season?

When you love picnics like I do you definitely have to take a look at LovePicnics. 
They review and compare numerous products including wicker, fabric, plastic, insulated, collapsible and even mini picnic baskets.
You're gonna find your perfect picnic supply from lovely baskets to all kind of accessories like backpacks, rugs and blankets.

With LovePicnics your day out in nature gets a whole new look!
A wooden picnic bench, or a big soft checkered blanket and a vintage picnic basket will make you enjoy your break from daily stress even more.

I love these idyllic things and here are 3 products I think are really cool:

Make sure to get your picnic supplies ready for summer and head over to LovePicnics!


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

My newest discovery in online shopping has to be DressFashion! I've just discovered the most amazing dresses on their site, so I thought I'd share them with you!
Today I've been really inspired by Christmas already so I decided to make this post about dresses you can wear to the special occasion, whether you're invited to a party or celebrate with your family and friends at home, these dresses are going to make the day even more special!

Most of my faves are red dresses, since it's a very festive colour. Look at this pretty one here.

Another red one, but a two-piece. I bet it's soo much fun to wear!

This lacy red dress is so festive I can't even.

What about a royal purple one?

Can't miss blue. Dark blue. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Which one would you pick?


Monday, 28 November 2016

Hello lovely readers, so after a much too long break, today I want to show you another great possibility to shop online. Have you ever tried shopping with online clothing catalogues?
 As I said before, I really love online shopping, since it‘s convenient, easy and you can get almost everything you can imagine. 
No matter whether you are in search of new clothes, a new piece of furniture to make your home even more beautiful, or a useful electronic device, here you‘re gonna find the right things for sure! On Catalogues247 you‘ll find a large variety of products including fashion, homeware, electronics and gifts. Delivery is free, which is awesome and the returns are also easy to do.
They also offer a credit option if you want to pay later or spread costs. You only need to be a UK citizen for this.

The site works as followed - when you are on the main page which is, you are shown a range of categories like fashion or furniture to choose from. Once you choose one you will be able to narrow your search to more details. Then you have to click on „shop now“ and you will be taken to a list of catalogues to shop from. On the online shop‘s page you can now start shopping for your favourite products. So Catalogues247 practically works as your guide to every great online shop out there! Be sure to check in for daily sales and discounts!

What I like most about their women‘s clothing section is that they have so many categories, for example they offer also petite clothing. You should go shopping for La Redute, their clothes are so pretty, I love them! 

If you love online shopping like me one of the best things you can do on a cloudy and rainy day is to get yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a blanket and cuddle up with your pc to go shopping from home.

So be sure to check out Catalogues247 today!


Thursday, 30 June 2016

Hello guys, today you will be introduced to some great new sustainable footwear in this amazing guest post! Please be sure to check out Bodo Footwear after reading!

BODO Footwear : revolution in footwear industry

Why sustainable footwear?

For most of us living in western society, we have never encountered the problems associated with not having a pair of shoes to wear, and it’s hard to imagine the medical, social and educational implications this issue can cause. But in many parts of the world, a lack of footwear is a fundamental problem.
Both adults and children can suffer serious injuries and contract diseases simply because they are forced to go barefoot. This can lead to ill health and excruciating pain. For adults, injuries and disease from a lack of footwear may mean that they are unable to work and provide for their families. Another extremely saddening fact is that in many places children are prohibited from entering schools, simply because they cannot afford footwear.
This is poverty’s vicious cycle at work, and BODO have made it our mission to do something about it!!

Where is Bodo Footwear from?

BODO UK is a small, London-based startup with big ideas, founded by CEO Peter Lochan in 2011.  Peter had the vision of creating an ethically sourced sandal using recycled car tyres and helping those who suffer because of a lack of footwear by using the Buy One Donate One model of transaction-based giving.  When a pair of our funky and fashionable BODO sandals are purchased, we will donate a pair to someone in need, whether they are living in poverty, a war torn community, areas stricken by natural disaster or refugee camps. In the forthcoming year, the BODO team hopes to become one of the biggest names in ethical fashion and really make a difference!

How to solve the problem?

BODO UK’s research has shown that in many parts of the world, people living in poverty can suffer greatly because of a lack of footwear. For most of us living in western society, not having a pair of shoes to wear and the problems associated with this lack, are not issues we have ever encountered – we can’t even begin to imagine the medical, social and educational implications.
BODO UK chose to use recycled car tyres to create the BODO Sandal because it is a globally abundant material, that can pose a significant environmental hazard if it is not properly disposed of, yet it is both durable and long-lasting. So by using this material BODO UK is doing their bit for the environment and creating an ethically sourced sandal for purchase and donation. 
With an extensive range of colours to choose from and a bold, eye-catching design, the BODO Sandal is one of the most stylish flip-flops on the market and a fashion must-have! 
 Why is it Durable? Because it is made primarily using robust, resilient material from recycled car tyres, the BODO Sandal is ultra durable and really will last the distance.
The BODO Sandal comes in a range of different colours, women can choose from our neutral unisex range or pick a pair from our brighter bolder colours like our shocking pinks or purples.  We also have a large number of pastel shades, for those of you who prefer more subtle hues. 
Like the car tyres that the BODO Sandal is made from, our fashion flip flop is suitable for all weather conditions.  It doesn’t matter if its rain or shine, your BODO Sandals are designed to be worn, whatever the weather! 


Saturday, 21 May 2016

How cool is it to get what's on your wishlist?
I wish it was so easy in real life.
Lately my favourite things from CNDirect arrived and I love them all! If you want to read back on what I chose just click here.

First, the bomber jacket. It's awesome, black, really really light and looks just plain cool. It's a classic you can wear everywhere. I literally want to live in it.

cndirect bomber jacket

cndirect bomber jacket

The gray dress is simply amazing. I wish it was a size smaller though, but it's still great.
The quality of the clothing items is also very good which you maybe wouldn't quite expect with the low prices.

cndirect dress

cndirect dress

This little make-up bag or whatever you'll use it for, is just so cute.

cndirect makeup bag accessories

The greatest happiness in life. Maybe I'll never have it...

The next piece is one of the loveliest keychains I ever had. It's super cute and includes all things perfect on this planet (France, the Eiffel Tower, macarons...)

cndirect france macarons paris eiffel tower keychain

Everything looks just like on the pictures you can see on their website, I can't say anything negative about the material and quality and the shipping process was perfectly ok too. 
I didn't have to wait long until the things arrived and the customer service is great.

Be sure to head over to CnDirect if you want low priced good quality pieces yourself!

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer

cndirect outfit post theladyfairer


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hey lovelies, you must have noticed by now that I really like online shopping and today I want to share with you another favourite.
 Have you ever heard of CNDirect?
I certainly hadn't, until I was asked to check out their site and to be honest I fell in love with soo many things over there, I had to write this wishlist immediately :3

The CNDirect online shop itself offers super stylish pieces at very very low prices, I couldn't quite believe what you can get for a really low amount of $.
This made chosing very hard obviously...
So it took me awfully long to finally come up with my final wishlist!

cndirect army green jacket

This awesome army green jacket is just 5.79$, I would never have expected to get it at such a low price! It's also available in black.

cndirect grey long sleeve dress

This gray long sleeve dress is just super cute, so I had to add it to my wishlist!
I bet it would go great with the jacket. And... it's just 2.29$!!!

cndirect makeup bag pink happiness text

How lovely is this make-up bag? I seriously need this!
The text on it reads 'The greatest happiness in life', and I'm kind of obsessed with cute quotes on things.


cndirect france keychain eiffel tower macarons paris cute

Speaking of obsessions, with my life-long love for all things French, I had to add this adorable keychain! It's just lovely with the blue ribbon, Macarons, miniature Eiffel tower and the ornament with 'France' written on it <3

Did you like my wishlist? Head over to CNDirect to write your own!


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

hiphunters fashion online store trendy brands

So I bet you all want to stay hip and trendy. A great way to accomplish that is HipHunters. In their online store you'll find amazing designers like Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo and Isabel Marant (they feature a total of 6.000 brands by the way) and you will be able to keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion to make sure you always have the best picks and the most stylish pieces in your wardrobe!

I think one major trend right now that you all have heard of by now is bomber jackets and HipHunters does have an awesome selection of really cool ones.
Find more awesome jackets here.

And you should definitely check out their amazing bags section because a fashionable closet can never have too many bags and I've never seen so many stylish bags in one place!

My wishlist of 3 favourite picks would consist of these lovely pieces:

hiphunters white dress fibi stylish

Hiphunters raey white top stylish fashion

Hiphunters Layana London lapis lazuli ring

How cool is this ring?!

I love HipHunters! What do you think?


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hello lovely readers, today I'd love to share with you one of the best shoe stores online, Escape Shoes!
Based in Portugal and created in 2012, Escape Shoes offers a great range of well-known, renowned footwear brands with best quality guaranteed and excellent customer service.
When I first had a look at their online store I was amazed at the wide variety and huge selection of shoes they offer. On the site you will find anything from ankle boots to sandals and brands like Nike, Guess or Keds. 
Never-minding the name, Escape Shoes also sells accessories like scarves or bags and even dresses!
Of course I had to check out the women's shoes section and collected some of my favourite pieces for you below.

escapeshoes shoes online store summer shoes

escapeshoes shoes online store flats

escapeshoes shoes online store boots

Left to right | 1. brown XUZ clogs | 2. white Guess sandals | 3. Cubanas cult camel | 4. metallic silver Guess sneakers | 5. black Melissa flats | 6. VANS sneakers | 7. off white Dkode ankle boots | 8. grey pink Green boots | 9. MTNG ankle boots

Which pair of shoes from the Escape Shoes online shop do you like the most?


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