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Best Hair Store - Clip in Hair Extension Review

Dear readers, I have been in a total changing phase lately and will post more from now on! Sorry for not being active for so long. I felt like I was living under some sort of bell jar like in the novel with the same name by Sylvia Plath...

So what was good was that I tried something new, in this case clip in hair extensions from Best Hair Store. I will show you some before and after pics and will explain to you why you should try these extensions too and how to put them in your hair! 

The advantages:

  • It makes your hair feel so much thicker and fuller in the first place, and that's something we all want, right? So why not just go for it? Especially for summer now it's so much fun. 
  • It's so easy to use.


In the package I got there were two black combs, the clip in hair extensions and a pair of faux eyelashes which I didn't expect at all and it was like a sweet extra bonus! The combs are very simple and easy to use and of great help while putting the hair extensions in.

I chose the 27# Color Clip In Hair Extensions in blond. I should have chosen the lighter blonde now in my opinion but it's also okay. They consist of 7 Pieces and I chose the 120g set for thin hair. It's silky straight virgin human hair and since it's real hair you can wash, dry and straighten or even curl it just as your own hair! It's kind of crazy to think about but so cool. 
The hair length is 18 inch. The exact content is 1 piece with 4 clips, 2 pieces with 3 clips, 2 pieces with 2 clips and 2 pieces with one clip.

How to put them on?

You basically divide your hair in two sections and pin up most of the hair. In the lowest section put the piece with the 4 clips. Then let your hair back down and divide it again in two parts and do the same with two pieces with 3 clips. You can then put the other pieces in on the side of your head to make it look fuller.

I tried to get a good photo with the lashes on but since the glue wasn't too strong I had to fix it with some hairspray. But I really loved wearing them, though I couldn't wear them all day because the weight on the lashes easily makes me get a headache or at least it tires my eyes very much.


I have never tried hair extensions before and I was really looking forward to do so. I have been waiting for my hair to grow longer for a bunch of years now and it takes ages... So I tried the hair extensions from Best Hair Store and I chose a colour of which I thought would suit my hair best since I planned to dye it just a little darker than before to a more natural blonde tone. When my order arrived I was impressed by the good quality and the shiny colour. Everything looked great.
So before starting my vacation trip that I had planned for over the weekend I dyed my hair to get the exact same colour as the extensions were (I know I should just have ordered the lighter coloured extensions and left my hair the way it was) but it turned out so differently!
My hair ended up having some kind of faded greyish-brown colour. Absolutely not how I wanted it to turn out. And it didn‘t fit the extensions either. What to do?
I was stupid and decided to dye my hair again a different colour. A darker shiny golden blonde like on the picture of the package. But what did I get? Brownish red hair. 
Maybe the vain careless me deserved it. Maybe it was some thing that happens to you when you collect to much bad karma or something, my hair‘s quality got worse by the minute but hey I had a weekend in Berlin and a concert ahead of me and I really did not desire to leave the house like that. Sorry no way. 
I bought another colour, this time a really light blonde hoping it would just bleach everything again and make it look at least a little like before. And I ruined my hair completely. I finally understood why it‘s called „dying your hair“ because it really was dead. The ends were like really split and breaking off and the colour still looked like I fell right into a pot of ash. I tried everything to cure it at least a little and avoid any more damage. I literally poured care packages into it and then I just tried putting in the extensions, and I looked like Phoenix coming out right of the fire or something because they actually shimmered in some kind of red! But hey, I really came to like the look!
And never in my whole life have I felt so confident in my skin. Not like before, when I had my hair styled and thought I was the coolest person on Earth or the prettiest girl for the next thousand miles... It was not like anything of this. Not the best time I ever had but the most accepting feeling about being in my skin. Without the superficial stuff. It felt so  natural and during the whole trip I felt just peaceful and calm despite so much **** going on.
Being very dramatic, so easily annoyed with everything and fed up with anything lately it‘s like I became a whole new person now. Like a real transformation.
So after all it was a good decison to try the extensions! I would have missed this special feeling!
My hair is much better now and almost back to its normal colour.

Here is a before and after photo from last week. 

I think the difference is obvious. I can really only say that it was a great opportunity to try a new style. You should also try out the clip in hair extensions from Best Hair Store, they are really amazing!

I will show you how they looked when wearing them out in another post!


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