Tuesday, March 07, 2017

DressLily Wishlist

I totally feel like last year is happening all over again. Ugh. Whatever. That could be a good thing! Let's wait and see. The great thing, since my birthday is coming up I felt like it's time for another wishlist!I was recently checking out DressLily, which is a lovely online shop and I found very cool stuff.

Look at this printed sleeveless mini dress, I think it's amazing. I've always been looking for a cool American style dress and this one is so simple yet stylish. 

It's the same with this striped long sleeve jacket. I've always searched for a baseball jacket like this and I found it on DressLily. Note the super cute stand up collar!

How cool is this bag? It combines two of my favourite things. America and journalism! 

This cute make-up bag is soo useful and practical. It's universal and I can carry it around everywhere I go. I can almost picture it as an essential on my next roadtrip...;)

I'll keep you updated!

Head over to DressLily to find the things you have always been looking for!



  1. These are such awesome picks! Love the items! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  2. Great post, Dear!
    I'd be happy friendship blogs ♥
    Julia Shkvo

  3. hi, Im a new follower on your blog for gfc ...
    ı hope you will be back ...

  4. Nice post


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