Tuesday, January 17, 2017

StyleWe: a new fave

So I hope you all had a lovely start in the new year, and I can't wait to share my new favourite online shop discovery with you!
StyleWe is a site that had my attention from the start because I loved how the main page is made up and how it looked so inviting.

I took a look at their product range to see that they have everything from dresses to jackets, coats, shoes, bags and even sports wear. 
Be sure to check the flash sale regularly because they offer the most amazing pieces at a good discount.
And they have the most classy stuff!
You'll find some cool brands from Adorealia, Charsu or Q2. I literally liked all their clothes!
I'm gonna show you some faves of mine.

This is in fact a mini dress and it's amazinggg, right? It looks so cosy and warm, and it's made from wool so it's great to wear in winter! I'd just wear it everyday!

Lately I'm having this thing with long sleeve lapel coats, especially in camel or caramel colours! Which is why I fell in love with this coat.

A plus: they also have bomber jackets!!!

When I was browsing the bags section I noticed they also have my dream bag! I've been looking for this exact bag for a long while now since I saw it at a store and didn't buy it (whyyy?)...
Of course also in camel.

To give you a little outlook on summer and warmer days, take a look at this amazing golden swim suit. Gorgeous, right?
Get your hand on beautiful new swimwear now!


Some inspiration: if you're like me you're probably living with the fear of getting old and stuff. Look at these fabulous stylish women over 50 who rock their looks and maybe (just maybe) this will diminish your fear a litte bit. 

Now enjoy your days and brighten them with some delightful online shopping ;)



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