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Deauville 2014

Deauville 2014

This year has been the best year of my life ever <3 
This post is coming very late, I know, but I had to take some time realizing all those wonderful things that happened to me this year! 

On September 12th I got myself some days of free time and got on my way to Deauville France for the 40th American film festival to catch a glimpse of Mick Jagger... When I heard he was going to be there to present the movie "Get On Up" I had to get there too!
So after an 8 hour drive we got there and first took a stroll along the beautiful beach of Deauville.
I've been there before so I know this town very well! And I love it!
I hoped to get a good place near the red carpet where I could see him perfectly. 
Soon we were standing in line and I didn't yet know that I had the Best. Place. Ever. 
After some time of waiting and the press conference being already over, some people thought he wasn't gonna come anymore at all, but I was being optimistic (as always).. ;)
So at 8:30 pm the premiere was gonna start and the lucky people who were invited to see the movie walked in on the red carpet.
After some more waiting, cars were driving to the entrance and Mick got out of one of them.
Like five metres away from me. 
While I was almost dropping my phone, he started giving interviews and then it looked like he was about to go in but then some nice guy from the crew said he maybe should write some autographs 
(I love this guy, he saved my life, so thank you whoever you are ;)) 
What then happened was like in a dream, Mick turned and walked directly towards me!! 
I was standing first row and he looked. directly. into. my. EYES.
So then I gave him a little letter I wrote (just in case^^ you know)
I even Touched. His. Hand.
--> #BestMomentEver

I could quote Taylor Swift here:

>> Touching him is like realizing all you ever wanted was right there in front of you << 
Taylor Swift - Red

I'm so happy that I could realize this trip, it was a last moment thing and it wasn't even sure that we would see him, but this shows me if you want something you will get it if you just try! 

On the road
Almost there!

Beautiful sky
Arriving in lovely beautiful pretty Deauville <3
Cabins at the beach
Bienvenue ร  Deauville
Beach. Blue. Sand.
Welcome to 40th American Film Festival of Deauville!
Get ready for red carpet feeling!
Nothing to see yet
First people walking in
Still waiting for the "One"
He's in there!
I. Love. You. 
I couldn't take too many photos of him because otherwise I would have dropped my phone!

Driving through beautiful Normandy after the event
Beautiful sign
People on the beach


Beautiful sea!
Thank You Deauville!
Standing on the pier saying Merci Deauville! <3 <3 <3 Au revoir...

Bright bustling sunny place of Cabourg
Cabourg Beach
Eating pizza in Dives-sur-Mer, delicious!
My favourite water!
Driving back, good-bye Normany, and thank you so much <3 Merci 
Enjoying coffee at a motorway service
I love this patisserie!
We stopped in Belgium and I bought these drops, they are delicious and isn't the case just lovely? Look how it matches the background! 
These must have brought me luck although I didn't find a four-leaf one!
A Belgian road trip

We stopped at almost every motorway service in Belgium! Perfect road trip!

Enjoying a coffee! Love the road running directly underneath our feet!

Driving back home
A night on the road and beautiful memories <3 #Bestvacationever 

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